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How do metering pumps clean better?

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How do metering pumps clean better?

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After the metering pump is used, in addition to daily maintenance, it needs to be cleaned. In order to clean it, the following Huaian metering pump manufacturers will introduce the specific cleaning steps for everyone!

Huaian metering pump manufacturers

① First apply clean water for about 10 minutes, and then play for about 5 minutes, then determine that all the water in the pipe is discharged before starting the disassembly action to reduce the risk.

② Close the power supply of the metering pump and remove all valves. (When disassembling, you must still be careful of the remaining chemicals and water to avoid damage or splashing to the power supply and other related equipment to cause harm.)

③Flush the valve and parts inside the valve with clean water.

④Check the parts for defects, deformation, cracks and other conditions, and replace if there are.

⑤Replace all valves as they are.

⑥ Test with 5 minutes of clear water. (If there is crystallization, you can use crystal diluent for about 10 minutes, then change to clean water for about 5 minutes.)

The above is the metering pump cleaning steps that Keyu Machinery introduced to you. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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