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How to control the flow of the plunger pump?

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How to control the flow of the plunger pump?

Release time:2018-02-10 author:Ke Yu Machinery click:

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Many users don't know how to control their flow when they use plunger metering pump. Today, Huaian hydraulic diaphragm metering pump manufacturer tells you this question.

(1) improve the planning of the plunger system.

After repeated proof, the final selection of the leading priority valve and load sensing plunger steering, the new system can according to demand, to give priority to the distribution of traffic, regardless of load size, wheel speed bump can ensure enough supply, leaving some fully supply for industry use and eliminates the circuit, because the steering power supply circuit too much and the success rate of loss, the system power down progress, piston pump working pressure.

(2) optimize the outer shape of the cylinder and plunger pump to reduce the operating pressure of the system.

After optimized calculation, a standard series 80/4 is selected for the cylinder of the moving arm. The displacement of the plunger pump is improved from 10ml/r to 14ml/r, and the system adjustment pressure is 14MPa, which meets the lift and speed requirements of the arm cylinder.

(3) in the process of application, we should also pay attention to the accurate application and protection of the loader.

Regularly increase or replace hydraulic oil, adhere to the cleanliness of the oil, and strengthen the normal view and protection.

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