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What is the reason for the water discharge from the metering pump not to meet the requirements?

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What is the reason for the water discharge from the metering pump not to meet the requirements?

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The metering pump is mainly composed of three parts: power drive, fluid transport and regulation control. The power drive device drives the fluid conveyer diaphragm (piston) through the mechanically linked rod system to realize the reciprocating movement. Diaphragm (piston) will be inhaled by transport fluid in the first half weeks of the stroke and discharge the fluid into the pump head in the latter half weeks. Therefore, the purpose of adjusting fluid delivery volume can be achieved by changing the reciprocating frequency of stroke or the stroke length of each reciprocating stroke. Many users will not meet the requirements in the process of using. Today, the Huaian dosing metering pump manufacturers will summarize the reasons and treatments for you.

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The flow rate of the 1. product is maximum ("10") when the product is out of the factory. The adjustment cam has been adjusted to reduce the flow rate.

2. the ball valve of the inlet of the inlet and outlet is blocked by a foreign body, resulting in a smaller flow (a smaller foreign body).

Solution: clean it.

3. of the concentration of drug water, because of our company's products in the factory test with clean water, so there will be a small error.

The 4. filter is clogged with the tube of the medicine (smaller foreign body).

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